Certainly Soup launches online order service 

ImmediaC helps another local business to enter the digital marketplace.



The launch of Certainly Soup’s new online order site has solidified ImmediaC as the go-to developer for Atlantic Canadian small businesses looking to tap into online revenue potential. 

With a local team of dedicated software engineers, ImmediaC touts itself as more customizable than out of the box solutions like shopify - complete with accessible, reliable customer service. The team at ImmediaC understands the technical needs of the client, and the Atlantic Canadian business landscape.

“My experience in the past with websites is that it takes forever and it's complicated. John [Leahy, ImmediaC CEO] took that process and made it simple'' says Scott Colwell, owner and operator of Certainly Soup. “The platform is just so user friendly.”  

While Certainly Soup is a new venture, Colwell is no stranger to doing business in the area. He also owns Certainly Cinnamon, a popular catering and event planning enterprise that has serviced Halifax and much of mainland Nova Scotia for over 30 years. His venture into the soup business relies on a seamless ordering platform for local delivery. 

“We had the delivery trucks, we had the refrigeration, we could do all this without changing up much at all. Our biggest hurdle was figuring out how to make a web design that works. I can make the soup but I can't make the website.” explains Colwell. “This is where John came in. It’s been great having him on board to do this. He’s always excited about it, and we’ve been feeding off his excitement.”

Certainly Soup is the latest addition to ImmediaC’s ever-growing roster of iconic local clients including Morris East, Big Spruce Brewing and The Quinpool Business District. To find out more about ImmediaC’s commitment to local business or to set up an introductory meeting with the ImmediaC team, please contact support@immediac.com.  

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