Five Ways to Use ChatGPT AI Integration with immediaCMS

Writing content can be difficult. Between doing research, fighting off writer’s block, and trying to create a consistent tone, there are all kinds of challenges to overcome. Despite that, creating content is vital for anyone looking to establish an online presence. Consistently producing top-notch content can be challenging for even experienced content creators and marketers. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to come to the rescue, and ChatGPT stands out above the rest as a remarkable AI development. This language model has the power to revolutionize the way we interact with online content management systems (CMS), and we here at immediac have taken the first step by fully integrating ChatGPT into our in-house CMS (immediaCMS).

The decision to integrate ChatGPT into our CMS was not made hastily. Initially, our team regarded it as another passing trend in the tech industry. However, as we delved deeper into its capabilities and applied it to our content creation process, we soon uncovered its true value. While ChatGPT proved to be a powerful tool, we also recognized that it might not be as intuitive as we initially assumed. Nonetheless, its versatility and potential applications intrigued us. 

In this article, we'll delve into five ways you can harness ChatGPT AI integration with immediaCMS to transform your content creation process.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

When it comes to writing content, getting started is the most difficult part. It can be challenging to ignite that initial spark of inspiration for webpages, articles, or blog posts. With ChatGPT integrated into immediaCMS, this process becomes significantly easier and more dynamic. 

During page creation, start by jotting down a few short sentences or a query. We’re using a "Top 3 benefits of metal roofing" query to generate homepage content. Select the relevant text, then click on the "AI" button to witness the magic unfold.

As soon as you hit the button, the language model springs into action, drawing from its vast knowledge base to generate a series of coherent and relevant content suggestions. Like a wellspring of creativity, ChatGPT produces an expanded version of your initial idea, presenting you with five distinct and compelling concepts for your homepage. This powerful feature serves as an innovative brainstorming tool, providing you with fresh ideas that can provide a solid foundation for crafting engaging and persuasive content for your roofing website's homepage.

No longer will writer's block hold you back. With ChatGPT's assistance, you can effortlessly overcome content creation challenges and explore an array of ideas that align with your vision. From generating captivating headlines to outlining key services and benefits, the AI-generated suggestions offer a diverse range of possibilities to choose from.

Expanding Your Content

Once you've crafted a rough draft or outlined your article, ChatGPT becomes an indispensable ally for expanding and enriching your content. With the AI integration seamlessly integrated into immediaCMS, the process becomes effortless and efficient.

Paste your existing content into immediaCMS’s page editor and press the AI button. In moments, you'll receive valuable suggestions on how to expand your content. ChatGPT offers alternative phrasings that breathe new life into your sentences, providing fresh ways to articulate your ideas. Additionally, the language model can suggest additional points to incorporate, further enriching your content.

In addition to these benefits, our ChatGPT integration offers an ingenious way to transform a simple bullet list into engaging and comprehensive content. As a website owner, you may often find yourself needing help converting a list of points or ideas into a full-fledged article or page. With ChatGPT's assistance, this challenge is no longer a hurdle. You can begin by creating a bullet list of the main points you wish to cover in your content. Once you have your list ready, you can leverage the AI integration by highlighting the entire list and clicking on the "AI" button. In an instant, ChatGPT will take your list and expand it into a well-structured and coherent piece of content, providing in-depth explanations and additional insights. This feature saves valuable time and ensures that your content maintains a consistent flow and remains informative and engaging to your readers. 

You can even add an additional prompt to the beginning of your bullet list instructing the AI on how you would like your content to be formed.  Example would be telling it to write a blog post specifically with an intro, middle sections with headers for each point and a conclusion.

Refining Language and Style

Are you constantly concerned about grammar, spelling, or struggling to maintain a consistent tone in your work?  With ChatGPT and immediaCMS, these anxieties are destined to become a thing of the past. Once you input your initial draft, the AI integration effortlessly takes the reins, skillfully rewriting your content to perfection and addressing any errors along the way, ensuring a cohesive tone throughout.

ChatGPT's language model proves to be your most reliable writing companion, meticulously fixing any grammatical or spelling errors that might have slipped through the cracks. The result? Polished and professional content that gives a sense of credibility and excellence. But that's not all – the AI's remarkable ability to maintain a consistent tone harmonizes seamlessly with your intended style and brand identity, delivering a cohesive reading experience that captivates your audience and keeps them coming back.

Generating Pages with AI

One of our main focuses while integrating ChatGPT with our CMS was to make page creation as effortless as possible. When accessing the CMS and navigating to the bottom of the Pages section, you will notice a prominently placed AI button. When you click the AI button, a new interface called "AI Content Generation" will be presented. Here, you can specify the desired number of new pages you want to create and what topic you’d like those pages to focus on. 

Once you've provided the necessary information, click on the "Generate" button to start generating content. ChatGPT will then use its language model capabilities to craft several content ideas based on the topic you've specified. You can choose these ideas to create new landing pages, and immediaCMS will be able to make those pages for you immediately. Choose the page layout, and generate your content with the click of a button. immediaCMS will create the page and it will be available to view on your website. It’s as simple as that!

Using Prompts

Once you've successfully used AI in immediaCMS to generate a page, the content creation journey doesn't end there. We recommend taking your creative process to new heights with the use of prompts.

With the prompt feature, you can add specific text before your content, effectively guiding ChatGPT to produce text that aligns precisely with your intentions. Imagine asking ChatGPT a question like, "Can you write three paragraphs about the history of Halifax?" Highlight the prompt and activate the AI button.

The magic begins as ChatGPT engages with your prompt and crafts a thoughtful response, delivering three paragraphs that delve into the captivating history of Halifax. But it doesn't end there; the beauty of prompts lies in their versatility.

This remarkable feature powers you to shape the AI's responses and tailor them to suit your specific needs. By skillfully utilizing prompts, you can steer the content generation process, ensuring ChatGPT provides highly relevant and accurate information in line with your requirements.

immediaCMS opens up a world of possibilities for transforming your content creation process. From overcoming writer's block to expanding and enriching your content effortlessly, refining language and style, generating pages with AI, and utilizing prompts to tailor the AI's responses to your specific needs, this powerful combination of AI tools will revolutionize the way you approach content creation.

Empower your content creation process, captivate your audience, and establish a powerful online presence with ChatGPT and immediaCMS. The future of content creation is here.

If you’re an existing client and you’re interested in beta testing ChatGPT integration, contact . If you’re interested in using immediaCMS with ChatGPT integration, contact us today so we can set up a free consultation for you.