Our Team

John Leahy 

Founder, CEO

John Leahy is an experienced navigator in the fields of search engine optimization, database management and all things web, with experience spanning over 20 years. He founded immediaC in 1998 and boasts an impressive resume of websites built and businesses supported in the years since.

John's mantra of “Business as a force for good” leads him to handle situations with integrity and a hard-working attitude. His commitment to small business stems from his love of Atlantic Canada and his belief in the power of commerce. 

John had another mantra which embodies his team’s scrappy and energetic nature. 

“Have fun and get sh*t done.” This serves as a guiding principle for John’s enthusiastic and good-spirited team of developers and support personnel. With John at the helm, the immediaC staff works quickly and efficiently, catering to unique client needs while fostering an infectious atmosphere of positivity. 

John prides himself on both the quality of immediaC’s work and his accessibility as the face of the company. This level of accountability and authenticity is woven into immediaC’s DNA - you won’t find a web and app shop more reliable or reachable. 

Connect with John on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnaleahy/