App and Website Privacy Policy

Our website and apps will log information from you each time you visit site, pages viewed, type of browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.), date and time visited, etc., in order to measure the use of the various portions of our site and assist us in improving its content and serving clients better.

If you choose to provide personal information or company information, you retain ownership of that information. We provide tools for you to log in, review and remove that information.

immediac DOES NOT disclose, sell, reveal, share or otherwise disseminate any information to any third parties except in the following limited circumstances: (a) if required to do so by law, (b) if permitted under the governing law of Nova Scotia (or if you are located in another jurisdiction, with the privacy laws in force in such jurisdiction), or (c) with the prior permission of you or the applicable end-user customer.

immediac may use software, and other programs or devices, to monitor unauthorized or illegal attempts to access, upload, change information, or otherwise damage our Internet-based systems and services. Any personal information gathered under these circumstances will only be used for law enforcement purposes.

Google Login

For simply logging into the content management system (CMS) we only request the minimum information (Email) to verify you own the account. The token will not be saved.

For the Analaytics dashboard:

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console information will be displayed on the CMS dashboard.
  • Once a particular analytics view and search console site has been selected, it cannot be modified by another user.
  • No information is saved
  • No information shared with any other services.
  • You can disconnect your account at any time, after which the analytics information will no longer be available.