SEO Agency Halifax

Effective search marketing is an essential component of a market presence for every business in Canada.

For more than 20 years immediac has been working with our business clients as an SEO agency. When you want to connect, share your message, or offer your product or service, then your website needs to be found at the top of the list. You need to reach the people who are ready and searching for what you offer.

When they look, you need to be there.

The services of a search engine optimization agency like immediac are critical. What can professional SEO do for your business?

  1. Site architecture and keyword research
  2. Keyword landing page construction
  3. Linking strategies
  4. Content development
  5. Social media strategy

The objective is to build traffic on your website by formatting pages that will be properly listed in Google. This is not a technical exercise, but rather requires a marketing approach to solving the search engine optimization problem.

Getting listings in search engines doesn’t need to be complex. You just need to understand a few simple concepts.  

For example, Google and other search engines are fundamentally looking for two things:  

  1. The words on your page.  
  2. Links to your page.

Sure there are many things to review and get correct under these two broad categories.

Getting a good search listing is a marketing challenge. You will need to put yourself in the head of a potential customer or person who you would like to find your site. This is about putting your message, your thinking, your philosophy, your photos or your blog, out there so that other people can find it.

It is like being able to read the mind of your client at the precise moment they decide to buy what you sell.

Google has been called the database of intentions. At any given point, Google has a good idea of what humanity is thinking. Where is the first place you go when you need to research a topic, look up a definition, help someone with their math homework, or understand your EKG. “Hey Google! Where do I buy a _________?”


Once you have the visitor on your page, the content of the page needs to help your client make a decision and ideally lead them to conversion. This means they ‘convert’ from a prospect to a client by registering, signing up, or making a purchase.

As part of an SEO service engagement, you want to ensure that your SEO agency is working on goals and measuring conversion success.

Part of the work of a good search engine optimization agency is to define and codify goals and then measure the success of these goals.

Keyword Search Terms

The first step is building a set of keyword search terms. You need to think about all the terms that a potential customer, client or contact will use to look for you. Your SEO agency can do some keyword research for you.

The next step is to build a page for each term.

Consider this example. If you are in the business of providing a food supplement made from fish oil, you want a good listing for “Fish Oil Supplements”. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Start brainstorming other terms that people might use when they are looking for a product or service like yours.

  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  2. Supplements for Athletes
  3. Latest Health Foods
  4. Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  5. Fish Oil for Health
  6. Natural Vitamins
  7. Essential Fatty Acids
  8. Homeopathic Treatments

For many businesses this will be a huge list. It is not a one-time process; you will come up with new terms all the time. This strategy means coming up with many specific terms. You need to focus each page on your website, with a specific term that a potential customer might look for. There are lots of different ways to build a list of terms. Think of:

  1. Features & Benefits
  2. Product Names
  3. Geography
  4. A Special Interest Group

The last 20 years providing SEO services in Canada have given us tremendous experience. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you and improve your search appearance.