immediac Helping Clients “Weather the Covid Storm”

April 1, 2020

Halifax-based website developer immediac is helping local businesses adapt for the current Covid-19 crisis. They areassisting clients in setting up online storefronts, providing effective tools for working at home,and supporting them in their “slow down” or “shut down” mode.

One main way they are helping is by setting up company websites for online sales, bookings, chat and delivery, which makes it possible for customers to continue doing business with them in this difficult time. 

According to John Leahy, CEO of immediac, every business can benefit from having an online storefront — from kitchen companies to office furniture to lawnmowers. Take the local craft beer industry, for example. 

“In the last week, we helped our customers take orders online and arrange delivery for hundreds of orders of craft beer,” said Leahy. 

“We take Covid-19 very seriously,”said Andy Armstrong of Spindrift Brewing Co. in Dartmouth. “We want our clients to get the product in the safest way possible and home deliver was spawned. Thanks to immediac for making the launch happen fast.”

Likewise, Big Spruce Brewing in Cape Breton has also shifted to online sales and has started selling beer all across the country.

Another way immediac is assisting clients is through an online Canadian-based video meeting tool called Vonage Connect API.

“The video chat platform is easy to use, works on any device and requires no software,” said Leahy, who notes it is available at pricessmall businesses can afford.

immediac builds websites, mobile apps and cloud-database applications that are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The company is eliminating or reducing website hosting costs during this time for many of itsnon-profit clients, including Neptune Theatre, Theatre Nova Scotia, Antigonish Arena, Zatzman Sportplex and Cole Harbor Place.

“All businesses need to work together right now to come up with new strategies for getting work done, serving clients and keeping our economy going strong,” said Leahy. “For more than 25 years, my personal passions have been business and technology. Now, more than ever, businesses need technology to adapt and be successful.”

John Leahy