Goodbye WordPress

Transitioning from WordPress to a more tailored solution was a strategic move for ISI. Dissatisfied with the limitations and performance issues of their WordPress website, they sought a more robust and customizable platform to meet their evolving needs. immediac stepped in with a comprehensive proposal, suggesting a migration to our proprietary content management system, immediaCMS. This transition not only promised greater flexibility and control but also paved the way for a complete redesign, aligning the website more closely with ISI's brand identity and objectives.

Hello immediaCMS

With the decision made to adopt immediaCMS, ISI embarked on a journey towards a more streamlined and efficient online presence. The transition process involved meticulous planning and execution to ensure a seamless migration of content and functionality from WordPress to immediaCMS. Leveraging immediac's expertise in website development and content management, ISI was able to navigate this transition smoothly, minimizing disruptions to their online operations while maximizing the potential for future growth and scalability.

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Managing Members Only

Maintaining both public-facing and members-only webpages was a priority for ISI. immediaCMS's intuitive interface empowered administrators to create new member-only pages seamlessly, allowing them to tailor content specifically for their exclusive audience. Setting up new users within different member groups became a streamlined process. Administrators can efficiently grant access to designated members, ensuring they can access the content relevant to their membership status without any hassle.

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