One Brand, One CMS, 117 Micro-Sites

We first met Massage Addict when they only had a handful of clinics in Atlantic Canada. Over the last 10+ years, they’ve presented us with the unique challenge of not only creating and managing three separate, high-traffic websites — but also building microsites for each of their 110+ clinics.

Their website supports online booking for all clinics, which we highlight through geo-targeting and custom interactive maps. Massage Addict’s goals are visitor-focused, so we had to make it easy for their clients to not only find the clinic they’re looking for, but also find answers to their questions along the way.

Massage Addict's Quebec clinic pages incorporate bilingual functionality, providing seamless navigation and access to content in both English and French. Whether seeking information, booking appointments, or exploring services, users can seamlessly toggle between languages.

Massage Addict’s online booking system uses a third-party integration for clinic-level schedule management and the ability to customize appointments. We’re constantly working with their team to improve performance, user experience, and website visibility.

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Designed for Scalability

Their website currently houses over 2,000 pages and is always growing. Despite the number of pages and media uploads, their site remains fast - even while making changes in the backend. With over 110 clinics and content that changes almost daily, ease of use matters. The Massage Addict team are able to keep information up-to-date with a single deployment and one login and add new clinics as they open.

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