Inclusive Redesign

ML Family Counselling is a well-established counselling service that specializes in supporting individuals, couples, families, and children through various challenges and transitions. With a commitment to inclusivity and providing a safe space for all, ML Family Counselling sought to redesign its website to better reflect its values, enhance user experience, and create a more inviting and inclusive online environment for its clients.

Our team crafted a design theme centered on the tranquil essence of nature, focusing on lush trees and a soothing palette of blues and greens. This aesthetic was chosen deliberately to evoke a sense of calm and tranquility for visitors navigating the ML Family Counselling website. Furthermore, we made a conscious effort to curate images that highlighted the inclusivity of the counselling service, ensuring that all visitors feel represented and welcomed.

Navigating with Ease

In terms of functionality, our team prioritized streamlined navigation and an intuitive layout. We recognized the importance of simplicity and clarity in guiding visitors to the information they need. Whether someone is seeking counselling services or exploring self-help materials, the redesigned website offers a seamless browsing experience.

Ensuring that the ML Family Counselling website remains current and relevant is essential to its effectiveness as a resource for clients seeking support. To facilitate ongoing updates to content, we have a dedicated support desk where clients can easily request changes. By delegating these tasks to us, the ML Family Counselling team can focus their time and energy on their core mission of providing compassionate and effective counselling services. 

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Our Dedicated Support Team

For clients like ML Family Couselling who want to offload website update tasks, our support desk offers a hassle-free solution. We provide all clients with access to our dedicated client support email after website launch to send any change requests, questions, or concerns. By entrusting us with website updates and maintenance tasks, clients can devote their attention to core business activities while we handle the technical intricacies.

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