Crafting Convenience

Time is of the essence, especially for businesses like Piping Kettle Soup. With daily soup offerings that change frequently, keeping their online menu up-to-date had become a time-consuming challenge. That's where immediac stepped in to revolutionize how PK Soup managed its digital presence.

The Recipe for Success

immediac's first step was to create an online menu that was visually appealing and incredibly user-friendly. PK Soup's owner, who is always on the go, needed a system that allowed them to effortlessly upload photos of the day's specials directly from their phone. Through our content management system, they can now update the menu in minutes. Whether it's editing a photo or tweaking the prices, the process has been streamlined to perfection.

Feature Photo

Transforming the Digital Experience

The ability to edit photos directly from mobile within the CMS is a game-changer. Also, updating text content has never been easier. PK Soup now enjoys the freedom to adapt to their customers' tastes in real time, ensuring that their online menu is always a reflection of what's simmering in their pots. 

Feature Photo