All Properties in One Place

Universal Group is a prominent real estate company specializing in residential and commercial properties across Nova Scotia. With a diverse portfolio comprising both apartment buildings and commercial properties, Universal Group needed a website to streamline property content organization, integrate with existing platforms, and enhance user experience.

Integration With Yardi Cafe

To link all 18 apartment buildings to existing Yardi Cafe pages, a seamless integration solution was devised. By leveraging API integration capabilities and consistent design, prospective tenants can effortlessly transition from Universal Group's website to Yardi Cafe, where they can explore apartment amenities, floor plans, and contact info. This integration not only simplified the user journey but also ensured consistency in property information across platforms.

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Microsites for Commercial Properties

Similar to how each of the apartments have their own page, Universal Realty needed something similar for the commercial properties. immediac created individual microsites for each of the 20 commercial properties to showcase property features, floor plans, leasing options, and contact forms. The microsites were designed to be consistent with Universal Group's brand identity, fostering a seamless and immersive browsing experience.

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