Sportsplex Rebranded

In 2019, Dartmouth Sportsplex unveiled its transformation into Zatzman Sportsplex. Alongside new facility features including a double gymnasium, fitness centre, and additional waterslide, they also needed a website redesign to reflect their new identity. 

Website Redesign

immediac had the privilege of collaborating behind the scenes throughout the rebranding process to ensure the seamless execution of their website redesign in time for their annoucement. Central to this endeavor was the goal of fostering community engagement while ensuring seamless accessibility to vital information and services.

Feature Photo

Managing Program Schedules

The new website prioritized integrating program schedules with ease of management for admins. By seamlessly syncing schedules with existing Google Calendars, the Zatzman Sportsplex team can effortlessly update schedules, make revisions, and add new events, all within the familiar Google Calendar interface. All changes are reflected on the website schedules, ensuring up-to-date information for the public.

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