Selecting The Right Web Design Agency For Your Business Website

Your business web presence is a critical part of your brand. Your website and social media will tell your clients and potential clients who you are and what you do in just seconds. Your agency needs to know you and your business to do this.

Chemistry is Critical

Being a part of a great team that is doing meaningful work is what most people understand as a key component of a good job.

At immediac, we fundamentally believe that commerce and business are a driving force for a better life and for better communities. The contribution we make through our work to our clients’ businesses and organizations is meaningful because it makes the world a better place.

The team in your web development agency needs to understand your business goals to create the design, content, and calls to action that will engage your clients and prospects.

Here are a few things you can ask yourself:

  1. Do they ask questions about your business goals?
  2. Does your webshop have a support desk? Is it responsive?
  3. Do they have a dedicated search team?
  4. Does their design portfolio feel right for you?
  5. Do they have experience in your industry?

When you sit down to evaluate a proposal or estimate from your website design agency you should see that they have included:

  1. Mobile Responsive Design
  2. A Content Management System
  3. An SSL Certificate
  4. Hosting and Backup
  5. Basic Search Engine Optimization
  6. Training and Support

Ideally, your website will include more than just a website, but the web design and content elements you need to extend your web presence across all the key online platforms including:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Instagram
  5. Youtube

A web design agency brings a team of web developers to the table to build an engaging online presence.

An ideal team includes the following roles:

Online Strategy Specialist
Many businesses start building their online strategy with a website and possibly a Facebook page. A complete online strategy is about ongoing engagement and creating top of mind. How will your site attract visitors and convert them into customers? This is the key question for your SEO service provider.

Branding and Design
The design team will work with you on a logo, website design, and visuals and then using HTML and CSS to convert these into a website and graphic elements for social media optimization.

Content Writing
The writer is one of the most critical members of the team. They will craft your message. Often clients have much of their content writing already done, but in some cases, a writer will need to create it all from scratch.

Database Code and Software
The site, content management system, content database and any custom code will be deployed to a web server. This work is done by the software engineering team.

Search and Online Marketing
Search includes the ability to get found and also to build engagement. An SEO agency is critical to your project.

Analytics and Reporting
After your site is live, an analytics professional is who you want to measure performance. Where is your traffic coming from? What keywords are attracting traffic? Does traffic convert into leads and customers?